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Paul Allen: Microsoft co-founder and billionaire dies aged 65
 The billionaire businessman, who also owned the Seattle Seahawks NFL team, died in Seattle on Monday.

US retail giant Sears files for bankruptcy
 The American retail giant has been struggling with huge debts and a shift to shopping online.

Ford boss warns on 'disastrous' no-deal Brexit
 The car giant's European boss says a no-deal Brexit could affect Ford's UK investment plans.

Jamie Dimon: JP Morgan boss pulls out of Saudi conference
 Jamie Dimon is latest executive to distance themselves from Riyadh after a journalist's disappearance.

Superdry in profit warning after heatwave hits sales
 The retailer says the warm weather hit jumper and jacket sales, sparking an initial 28% share price fall.

Trump: Climate change scientists have 'political agenda'
 The US president says he accepts the climate is changing but does not want to "lose millions of jobs".

Brexit talks hit 'real problem' over Northern Ireland border
 Theresa May faces MPs as UK and EU fail to resolve the Irish border issue ahead of a crucial summit.

Air India flight attendant falls from plane
 Harsha Lobo suffered a fracture and other injuries and has been taken to a hospital.

Claire's 'considers UK store closures'
 The accessories chain is reported to be talking to restructuring firms about "a number of options".

UK will see three years of low growth, says EY Item Club
 The EY Item Club cuts its UK GDP growth forecasts to 1.3% this year and 1.5% in 2019.

Canada cannabis legalisation: ‘We know the world is watching’
 Four "ganjapreneurs" in Canada give their take on legalised cannabis.

Royal Mail staff claim their shares were sabotaged
 Postal staff have seen the value of their shares shrink by thousands of pounds just before planning to sell them.

BBC World News business headlines
 The latest international business headlines from BBC World News.

Sears: The slow death of a US retail giant
 The decline of the former US shopping industry titan resulted in filing for bankruptcy.

Sophie Cornish: ‘Women, don’t be so hard on yourselves!’
 "Women tend to be their own worst critics," says notonthehighstreet.com co-founder Sarah Cornish.

Dragons' Den star Theo Paphitis says he owes his success to dyslexia
 Businessman and former Dragons' Den star Theo Paphitis has credited dyslexia for his success.

Hammond expects 'better economic outcomes' from Brexit deal
 The chancellor says the pace is picking up on Brexit talks and a deal could lift the economy.

What is the FTSE 100?
 All you need to know about the FTSE 100.

Lessons from Jersey's full-fibre internet
 The island of Jersey has completed the rollout of full-fibre internet to 40,000 homes and businesses.

How taking up yoga saved one City worker
 Mariya Gancheva, a successful but "burned out" City of London banker, turned to yoga to successfully reduce her stress levels.

The business behind Michelin stars
 The unseen financial influence of the "Oscars of the restaurant industry".

The world's longest non-stop flight arrives in New York
 The Singapore Airlines aircraft flew 15,000km over almost 18 hours from Singapore to New York.

Why you shouldn't hug your colleagues
 Whatever happened to the simple handshake at work? asks author Alison Green.

Could chip fat help dirty shipping clean up its act?
 Ships are the lifeblood of global trade, but their fuel is highly polluting. What's the answer?

'The lucky ones were often terrorised'
 The plight of refugees fleeing war inspired Scottish businessman Charlie MacGregor to set up a charity to try to help.

What would it take for North Korea to join the IMF?
 Joining would require the North to open up about its economy, but human rights are unlikely to be an issue.

Sky battles: Fighting back against rogue drones
 Drones flying where they shouldn't has become a big problem, so how can we stop them?

Zimbabwe currency crisis: No cash, no bread, no KFC
 A deepening unease is settling over Zimbabwe as the country's fragile local currency loses value at alarming speed.

The manufacturers fighting Trump's tariffs
 Inside the US, the fight over Trump's tariffs is just getting started.

How light could help superfast mobile reach even further
 Internet connectivity over light waves could help 5G mobile extend into buildings and underground.

Why you have (probably) already bought your last car
 A growing number of tech analysts are predicting that in less than 20 years we'll all have stopped owning cars.

University 'dual nationality' plan for Brexit
 A UK university is to appoint staff jointly with a German university to keep access to EU research.

The challenge of recycling waste in Antarctica
 How do scientists in the Antarctic minimise the waste generated by their research stations?

Mental health: 'I returned to a deafeningly silent home'
 An entrepreneur who wants to speak out on World Mental Health Day.

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